Daily Bible Readings – Week 50

Daily Bible Readings
Week 50: September 11-16, 2017

❏ Monday Job 20:1-21:34
❏ Tuesday Job 22:1-24:25
❏ Wednesday Job 25:1-28:28
❏ Thursday Job 29:1-31:40
❏ Friday Job 32:1-34:37
❏ Saturday Job 35:1-37:24

Note that the readings are assigned from Monday to Saturday, leaving Sunday as the day to catch up, and also indicating that we will be corporately hearing the Word at church. The following questions are optional, for your personal growth.

Study Questions: Week 50

1. Zophar claims that the wicked get their punishment for wickedness in this life. Job, in ch 21, says that just isn’t so. Which view better fits the world we see?

2. Eliphaz declares that Job’s suffering is because he must be a wicked, evil man. Job instead claims to follow the Lord’s laws. What does Job demand of God?

3. Job maintains he has done nothing to deserve what is happening to him. Bildad undercuts this in the brief chapter 25. Is Bildad’s statement right? Why doesn’t it help Job?

4. What is wisdom and understanding?

5. Job makes one final plea to God to hear his case. He points out that, to the best of his knowledge, he has followed God. How does Job’s language here reflect on his faith in God?

6. Why does Elihu feel a need to jump in?

7. Has Job been trying to justify himself rather than God?

8. Elihu also falls into the same pattern as Job’s other counsellors, accusing Job of being wicked, but on one ground, primarily; what is the ground on which Elihu accuses Job of wickedness?

9. The picture of God which Elihu and the other counsellors have given is one of God as Almighty, powerful, and just. Which characteristics of God are missing from the picture, generally speaking? (See Exodus 34:6-7)


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