Daily Bible Readings – Week 49

Daily Bible Readings
Week 49: September 4-9, 2017

❏ Monday Job 6:1-7:21
❏ Tuesday Job 8:1-10:22
❏ Wednesday Job 11:1-12:25
❏ Thursday Job 13:1-14:22
❏ Friday Job 15:1-17:16
❏ Saturday Job 18:1-19:29

Note that the readings are assigned from Monday to Saturday, leaving Sunday as the day to catch up, and also indicating that we will be corporately hearing the Word at church. The following questions are optional, for your personal growth.

Study Questions: Week 49

1. To put Job’s situation in modern terms, Job is suffering from depression, brought on by the extreme events of chapters 1-2. How does Job’s speech in chapters 6-7 reflect both his depression yet also his continuing faith in God?

2. Of what does Bildad accuse Job, by implication?

3. Why does Job despair of being right before God?

4. How does Zophar respond to Job? Do his words give Job any comfort?

5. One of Job’s repeated statements is that he wants to talk to the Lord directly. Why?

6. Job recognizes that all are bound to sin (14:1-4). Does he believe in the forgiveness of sins, according to 14:15-17?

7. Eliphaz basically accuses Job of being godless. Why?

8. How does Job respond to Eliphaz’ accusations?

9. Why is it important not to assume problems in a fellow believer’s life are somehow their fault or that God is punishing them?

10. Bildad likewise accuses Job of not knowing God. Job’s response includes one of the most familiar passages of Scripture. How does Job confess his faith in God as Redeemer?


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