Daily Bible Readings – Week 47

Daily Bible Readings
Week 47: August 21-26, 2017

❏ Monday Nehemiah 2:1-3:32
❏ Tuesday Nehemiah 4:1-6:19
❏ Wednesday Nehemiah 7:1-8:18
❏ Thursday Nehemiah 9:1-10:39
❏ Friday Nehemiah 11:1-13:31
❏ Saturday Esther 1:1-2:23

Note that the readings are assigned from Monday to Saturday, leaving Sunday as the day to catch up, and also indicating that we will be corporately hearing the Word at church. The following questions are optional, for your personal growth.

Study Questions: Week 47

1. How does the king find out about Jerusalem’s devastation by fire?

2. Who jeers at the rebuilding crew?

3. Why are the Judahites armed while they rebuild the wall?

4. Nehemiah is appointed governor. How does he help the struggling Judahites to re-establish themselves?

5. Who was conspiring against Nehemiah? Why?

6. How long did it take to finish rebuilding the wall?

7. When Ezra reads from the Book of the Law he also “gives its sense”– he preaches on it, possibly even translating it for the younger ones who may not have spoken much Hebrew because of the time in Babylon. This is where the practice of preaching a sermon originates!

8. How do the people react to the reading of the Law?

9. Nehemiah 9 recounts the history of God’s people; to what purpose is this history remembered?

10. The covenant is again renewed. What do the people of God promise as part of the covenant renewal?

11. Lots are cast to determine who stays in Jerusalem and who repopulates the countryside. What is the relative proportion?

12. What does Nehemiah do to reform Sabbath practice?

13. Nehemiah is a governor and not a king; having said that, which king’s reign is Nehemiah’s most like and why?

14. What happens in the reign of King Ahasuerus (or Xerxes) which leads to a search for a new queen?

15. How is Esther made queen?


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