Daily Bible Readings Week 45

Daily Bible Readings
Week 45: August 7-12, 2017

❏ Monday 2 Chronicles 29:1-36
❏ Tuesday 2 Chronicles 30:1-31:21
❏ Wednesday 2 Chronicles 32:1-33
❏ Thursday 2 Chronicles 33:1-25
❏ Friday 2 Chronicles 34:1-35:27
❏ Saturday 2 Chronicles 36:1-23

Note that the readings are assigned from Monday to Saturday, leaving Sunday as the day to catch up, and also indicating that we will be corporately hearing the Word at church. The following questions are optional, for your personal growth.

Study Questions: Week 45

1. What did Hezekiah do to restore the temple and the regular sacrificial worship?

2. What was the response to the call for a restored Passover?

3. How did celebrating the Passover affect the idol worship in Israel?

4. Why did Hezekiah organize the priests?

5. Why did the Judahites stop the springs and the brooks near Jerusalem?

6. How did the Lord deliver Judah from Sennacherib?

7. What did Manasseh do to anger the Lord?

8. What happened when Manasseh repented?

9. Did Amon’s rule reflect his father’s earlier years or later years?

10. King Josiah continued in the path of Hezekiah, and restored the worship of Israel and Judah. What did he do when the book of the Law of Moses was found, and why?

11. The whole nation pledges faithfulness to God’s covenant. How is this reflected in Josiah’s Passover?

12. How does Josiah die?

13. Which two dominant powers combine to put an end to the Judahite kingdom?

14. The pattern of the Old Testament is one of blessings from following the Lord and curses from rejecting Him and His way. How is this shown throughout 2 Chronicles and the decline of the kingdom?

15. How long did the land keep the Sabbath, following the Babylonian captivity?

16. Who proclaims a return and rebuild for Jerusalem and the temple?


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